Sunday, June 14, 2009


I just made a post about my "plugged in" family and strangely enough we awoke this morning to find our power was off! We spent the day out shopping to keep cool (yeah, shopping, but we didn't actually purchase anything). We will have to restock the refrigerator in the morning. The only good thing about the situation was TJ got to play with a lot of kids in our complex this morning because we all brought our kids to the leasing office to keep cool.

We ran into a couple of interesting characters. I find many other kids to be pretty reserved, if not outright shy, compared to TJ. Whenever TJ sees other children, he runs to (or after) them. Well, he isn't much of a runner at 15 months, but he can do his walking thing pretty fast. Anyways, I sat and chatted with two fathers, one with an 18 month old who was 35 inches tall! I could not get over how grown up he looked in comparison to TJ, but it was fairly obvious they were pretty much in the same developmental stages. We spent time coaxing them to use the crayons to scribble, but to TJ they are still for eating so we stuck with the blocks for most of the morning, and played a little bit of telephone. We watched the laughing baby on Youtube several times as well. Well, I guess we weren't totally unplugged, but it was tough day without our usual comforts.

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