Sunday, June 14, 2009

My Baby Can't Read

By this time I think it is pretty much common knowledge that young babies can learn to read. I started off wanting my baby to learn to read, and digging for resources on line and off, so that I could make this a part of my child's education. His father was pretty sternly against flashcards, and didn't want me to turn our baby into a weirdo or a side show act. I understood his point of view, but of course this did not change the fact that a) babies can learn to read and b) I wanted our baby to learn to read. I finally purchased Glenn Doman's books "How to Teach Your Baby to Read" and also "How to Multiply Your Baby's Intelligence." I also stumbled across a website I read the books, and visited this website sporadically, but did not really make any moves to teach CJ to read until now. This is what changed.

My husband saw a baby, live and in person, reading! We went to my husband's cousin's house to visit, and I noticed how bright their 30 month old seemed lately and I commented on it. No, not commented, I gushed over it. So his mother spilled the beans. They had been using the Your Baby Can Read DVDs! She pulled out the entire system, showed us the starter DVD. She had a few flashcards on the counter, showed them to her son, and he read them "hi!" "elephant" "arms up!" It was somewhat surreal, but he was reading and it is so exciting to see an actual child, not on Good Morning America or Youtube, actually reading at this young age. So, we decided to purchase the system. It's been shipped, so we should be receiving it this week. We will start the program immediately, and I will document all milestones here on this blog! I will be posting Youtube videos, reviews, and our other experiences with this product on this blog for you to follow so that you can really decide whether this is something you want to do with your babies.

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