Friday, June 12, 2009

Baby Mozart

Does classical music make babies smarter? A lot of people seem to think so. We visited a few day cares that played classical music for the babies during the day, and made the claim that classical music made babies smarter. What do I believe? There is evidence out there, but there is something about it that does not sit well with me. Ok, I admit it. I am confused.

If you could combine introductions to language and music at the same time, meaning songs with lyrics, how could music with no language, instrumentals only, be better?

Being the good, informed, proactive pregnant woman who wanted nothing but the best for her baby, I had requested several Baby Einstein Classical music CDs for the baby to listen to. I got several from loving relatives. I thought the CDs would be special cuts of songs that were found to be the most stimulating for the baby. However, the CDs were computerized tones of the songs that nearly drove me out of the house. Maybe it was an overreaction to feeling disappointed in the BE CDs, but now I do not set aside time to play special music for TJ. I sing around the house for him. Otherwise we play adult popular music. The song I sing most this week seems to be Old MacDonald. Last week it was the ABC song. Maybe we should replace our music with the classical music for TJ to hear more often. I think I would do it because I would want him to appreciate classical music, not because I believe classical music makes him "smarter."

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