Monday, June 15, 2009

No package today

We won't be getting the Your Baby Can Read package today, the delivery guy didn't have my apartment number! It will definitely be here tomorrow, so I will give more of my thoughts then.

I have looked around for reviews of the product and the biggest complaint that I have heard is that the children did not want to watch the DVDs or they were bored with it. This is ok. See my post below about babies who do not want to be read to! It does not mean you stop reading to them (or showing them the DVD). It takes time to cultivate interest in the activity. I show my baby one other DVD almost every day, and it took a week or two before he would sit and watch about half of it. He still gets up and walks away from it at times, other times he is really into it. I am not blaming the parents, there are probably genuinely many kids that do not want to watch any TV, or specifically these DVDs, but I could not imagine that you could make a determination after one showing. We will be completing the full 7 month program unless it for some reason causes TJ some undue stress or otherwise makes him unhappy.

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