Wednesday, June 17, 2009

First Viewing of Your Baby Can Read DVDs

So, I decided to get started with the program right away. After a bath, I turned the lights down in the living room, and snuggled with TJ on the couch with a blanket. There is a 2 minute introduction where Dr. Titzer explains a bit about the program, and the then the show starts. There should be an option to skip the introduction, but there isn't, so I guess we will have to fast forward every time. The DVD includes lots of words for body parts, animals, and other useful reading words. The production looks a little homemade, but I think that helps for the video to not be so overstimulating as some other shows your kids may watch. TJ did participate in the video by clapping, touching his nose, opening his mouth, and doing eensy weensy spider. He wasn't crazy about the arms up and arms down thing, when I tried to show him he got kind of irritated, so I will let that one go until he shows that's something he wants to do. He didn't actually say any of the words on the video except baby and toes, but he tried some of the words out (duh for dog) and I'm sure he is taking them in. We got through about 20 minutes of the video before he said 'uncle.' He was tired and it was bedtime. We are excited about the program, his usual morning video is going to be shelved for the time being. I don't want him to forget all of the things he learned from that video though, so I will try to squeeze it in once or twice a week. I will give more details about that video in a later post.

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