Friday, June 19, 2009

Your Baby Can Read Workshop Video

So I sat and watched the hour-plus long workshop on the Your Baby Can Read program. I tell you, they should have this workshop aired instead of the infomercial. Seriously. Here's a review of the workshop.

He started out with a bit of a lecture about how babies can learn to read, and giving his basic comments about why they should and why his program works. He went sort of briefly into the reception that his program gets overseas. He particularly pointed to China and Singapore as being particularly enthusiastic about educating babies. During one portion, he showed a series of videos showing babies, including his oldest daughter, reading. There was a lot of ooey gooey baby cuteness during that part. There was a question and answer where parents, all mothers actually, asked questions about the program ranging from how to restart the program after taking a break, to how to get an active child to watch the video. There should have been some fathers in the group, but I guess he wasn't trying to be PC or anything.

The highlight of the talk was when his daughter got up to speak about the program. She looked and sounded like a typical 16 year old, nothing amazing about her public speaking ability, but it was apparent that she was extremely intelligent and most of all well read. Apparently, she can speed read, and eats classics for lunch. She seemed very accomplished, not uniquely so, but just like a normal smarty pants.

I highly recommend you pop this video in one night when you have insomnia. It will keep you motivated to follow through on the 7 month program.

TJ is doing well with the program, as I predicted he does not particularly want to sit and stare at the screen, he does a lot of running around, so we will have to put some effort into keeping him focused until he naturally gets the feel for it. Showing it to him when he is winding down for sleep after a bath in the evening seems to help keep him focused, but it is an ordeal to fall asleep afterwards. We will see. I will keep you posted on what we work out for him.


  1. I didnt see if you stated it or not but how old is your son TJ? Does it say if this system is more beneficial for boys or girls? How long have you been using this? TIA

  2. Hi honeycomb719, he is 15 months! Dr. Titzer does not make any distinction between whether it would work better for boys or girls, etc. I don't see how it could make a difference, but many girls are more advanced in their language skills so I would think for some boys it might be more important for the parents to add some enrichment early on. We have been using the system for only 2 weeks. Prior to that we used a software program called "Little Reader" which is sold at I decided to blog about it to keep us focused and motivate us to finish the program as well as the math and music programs that we've started.