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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Your Baby Can Read Coupon Code!

There is a coupon code for anyone who is thinking about getting the Your Baby Can Read System! It is FREEBOOK, and you get an additional free book with the Deluxe TV offer (which is $14.95 I think). The free gift is a “My Bag and Me” interactive children’s book and a reusable Tyvek shopping bag! Click here to go to the website!

Monday, November 9, 2009

Kindergarten Reading Curriculum Fall Out

I'm sure these parents are not getting this fundamental aspect of giving your baby/toddler/preschooler the gift of education. If you decide to educate your child, it is a gift you give without asking for anything in return. These parents are not giving freely, they are asking for the child to prove "readiness" for kindergarten, and in that way they will not be successful in keeping love of learning and emotional health safeguarded. I feel bad for the kids, hopefully they will thrive despite the circumstances.

From the article, parents are:

-- Begging school directors to let their 1 1/2 -year-olds into programs for 2-year-olds because Danny and Olivia are so incredibly advanced.
How annoying!

-- Demanding to know why their 2-year-old isn't being given the alphabet to copy over and over and memorize.
I know I won't be requiring my child to write or copy anything at that age, but if parents know that the Jones' kids are doing this, they will demand!

-- Afraid that any services their child needs, such as speech therapy, will go on the youngster's "permanent record" and harm their chances of getting into a private school.
This makes me kind of sad...

-- Enrolling their 3-year-olds in so many activities that the kids are falling asleep on their preschool desks.
Let them sleep then, sometimes kids need extra naps. Nothing is going on at the preschool that's so important that a kid can't take an early nap. I'm sure he'll have his buddy give him a copy of the lecture notes! BTW, I did not know they had desks in preschool.

-- Buying toys for 2-year-olds that are labeled for older children.
Mine won't be getting a gameboy or two-wheeler any time soon... Babies just eat toys that aren't developmentally at their level anyways.

Dr. Titzer Spreads the Word!

Dr. Titzer was on an episode of "The Doctors" a few months back. I totally missed that, but I don't suspect the episode was too different from the infomercial. Here's a link to the synopsis! Enjoy!

My Baby Can Read TV!

I think my baby can read tv! Yesterday while watching the Your Baby Can Read review dvd TJ began to call out many of the words before the voice on the video said the word. I think I will begin playing it every once in a while with the sound low, to see if my baby can read tv!

Learning Phonics

Here are our resources for learning phonics. I think all of these resources are great for babies and toddlers.

Go to and play the games there, and sing the alphabet song and I'm sure your child will be learning phonics in no time at all.

Leapfrog Letter Factory
I've described this video below. It is an animated video that introduces basic phonics using a very very catchy tune and associations and makes learning phonics pretty entertaining.

Education Page
This is a super-resource I came across. Apparently, the creator of this page is very passionate about learning phonics and this seems to me to be his labor of love. Most of the texts he links to are pretty classic, going back to the early 1900s.

Teach Baby How To Read

We are really having a wonderful time reading these days. I am so amazed by my baby every day that I really hope every one of you who is interested will decide to teach baby how to read. Throughout the day, I will ask TJ to read one or two words. This morning before breakfast he read the words "moon" and "cup" and played for a while with the sliding word cards.

We are still doing half of the Review DVD once a day, most of the time in the evening before bed. We sometimes brush our teeth, do our hair and skin care, and get water and a snack during the video. This is really easy for us, and teaching a baby how to read really does not have to be a gruelling high stakes intense process, it flows naturally from how the baby's brain develops and they start getting better command of language. If you have even an inkling where you think this would be a good idea for your child, especially as a replacement for Dora or Yo Gabba Gabba, please teach baby how to read!