Thursday, June 18, 2009

Why the Cheesy "As Seen On TV" Infomercial?

I'm not sure why the marketers of the Your Baby Can Read system have pursued such a, well, cheesy approach. Initially, upon seeing parts of the infomercial, I believed his claims that babies could be taught to read, but assumed that his system was a scam. Why? Because, all As Seen On TV products are just assumed to be some sort of rip off with overstated claims. Well, the airwaves have been saturated with the message about the program, and as long as more and more parents are successful completing the 7 month program and continue to pursue teaching their babies how to read, the more other parents will hop on board to keep up with the Jones' or even out of genuine desire to teach their children. I guess getting the message out to whoever they could was more important than maintaining a more "official" type of image.

Now we just have to get the word out about the Ped Egg! I will not have to spend money on a pedicure unless I want to for the rest of the summer!

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