Friday, June 19, 2009

More Important than Baby Yoga or Infant Massage

During the DVD workshop, Dr. Titzer mentioned some thing about doing oral tongue and face exercises to help your baby learn how to use his mouth and learn to talk. We have been doing this for quite some time without knowing. We often buzz our lips, and make rude noises, and when TJ imitates us we always encouraged it.

He went into detail about how to do the exercises without demonstrating actually. It started with getting in front of the mirror and doing different motions with the tongue. Then, to carefully place your tongue and lips, showing the baby how the mouth is places when making certain sounds. Also, to encourage the baby to repeat random babbles when they come up with a new one, especially the harder ones like 'L' and 'th.' I wished I had more details about these exercises. How useful and enlightening! I was unaware that there was anything you could do to help your baby learn to talk aside from talking to them.

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