Friday, October 2, 2009

Yes, My Baby Can Read!

I haven't posted in quite a bit, but I just want to update that TJ is just blossoming with the Your Baby Can Read Program. We still watch the videos 2 times a day, and we are on Volume 3 of the set. We only watch Volume 3 in the evening though, we review the other videos in the morning.

And, yes, my baby can read! I am confident to say that he can clearly and consistently read the word "ball." He reads it from one of the sliding word cards, and he can recognize the word if I write in in my handwriting as well. I knew it would eventually happen, but I was just floored when I opened one of the flap picture books and he shouted out the word ball before I said anything or showed him the picture. It's quite cute and he's obviously pleased with himself. And he recognizes other words as well, such as no, baby, duck, and dog. However, he is not consistent with other words as he is with "ball" and I have to coach him quite a bit, whereas he will find the word card for ball and read it himself without being asked.

TJ likes to sing the songs on the videos quite a bit, which gets him a bit of an audience in public. It is fairly obvious when he sings Old MacDonald and Twinkle Twinkle Little Star (although sometimes people think it's the Alphabet song because it's the same tune). He's recently taken to "Row Row Row your boat" as well, going around singing "rowrowrow!!!"

In other news, he's still a horribly picky eater, he has his first dentist appointment today, and he's has started skipping his nap and staying up until 11pm.

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