Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Coming Around to Liking Flashcards!

As my readers know, I have been actively trying to interest TJ in flashcards but they just never seemed to be his thing. The more I would pull them out, the more he would throw them across the room, stash them under the couch, or otherwise show his disinterest. Well this morning, I believe he showed me that he is coming around to the flashcards, and will entertain playing with them on his own terms. He got the sliding word card with "nose" on one side and "hi" on the other, I believe from under the kitchen table, and handed it to me and began pointing at the words. I told him what the word said, and he flipped it over and over again until he had his fill. When he was done, he said "No!" and put the card on the seat of his high chair. I would like to be the one to take the lead on the flashcards, like the videos we mostly see of parents, but I am comfortable letting TJ figure out what is fun about them in his own time. I think I will just stack several flashcards within his reach and let him flip through them as he likes, and if he brings me flashcards I will help him practice the words.

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