Wednesday, September 2, 2009

A "Your Baby Can Read" Life!

TJ's Dad has been watching the videos with TJ lately in the evening. They invariably put TJ's Dad to sleep within 20 minutes, so take note for those of you who have insomnia!

He's quite the comedian, and has started getting involved by sprinkling Your Baby Can Read style descriptions when TJ asks "Wuss dat?" He says the word once, then the 2nd time with emphasis, uses the word in a sentence, then asks TJ a question about the word. It has gotten to be increasingly silly and hilarious for me, as TJ's Dad will use a slang meaning or idiom of the word to make a sentence, or follow up with a borderline nonsense question. He also refers to Aleka, Johnella, Hayden, and the other kids as if they are kids we actually know.

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