Saturday, August 22, 2009

The Books!

Each DVD volume comes with a corresponding book that you are supposed to be reading to your child. Each page has the word in large print on a flap. You can lift the flap to reveal the picture and text. It really is a smart design to the book. Children really prefer to look at the pictures, and when given a choice of words and pictures on the same page will spend more time looking at the picture. The flap allows you to show the word, and the child can take the word in before getting to the picture.
TJ is finally coming around to actually appreciating books. TJ's Dad and I read him a Golden Book or Dr. Suess every day. So I pulled out the Starter DVD book today, we thumbed through it and looked at the pictures and reviewed some of the words. He was happy to look and turn the pages, but let me hold the book, which is a pretty big change. I think I prefer the books to the flash cards for now.

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