Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The Debate

I enjoy some of these lively debates I stumble across sometimes.

I've had many online discussions about this program as well. There seems to be 3 camps, and many people cross over or straddle a line within these three groups.

1) People who believe that the program works for its intended purpose, whether they would like to do this program with their children or not.

2) People who do not believe that the program works, meaning children cannot learn to read by using this program and that other methods should be used.

3) People who do not believe that children this age should learn to read at all, and whether the program works is irrelevant.

Further, there are 2 groups that cut across all of these groups: people who have have seen and used the materials, and people who have not. Seeing and using the materials convinced me to make the purchase. We actually did not do the trial, we paid for the full package because I already knew that the package was well worth the money.

I understand the point of view of group 3, although I do not agree. The most nonsense seems to come from group number 2 as they seem to cross over into group number 1 and 3 often, and their response tends to be emotional on some level. Something about this program disturbs their world view, views about themselves, and children. Parents should not bring their personal emotional baggage about their upbringing to the table when making decisions about their children's education.

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