Monday, November 9, 2009

Teach Baby How To Read

We are really having a wonderful time reading these days. I am so amazed by my baby every day that I really hope every one of you who is interested will decide to teach baby how to read. Throughout the day, I will ask TJ to read one or two words. This morning before breakfast he read the words "moon" and "cup" and played for a while with the sliding word cards.

We are still doing half of the Review DVD once a day, most of the time in the evening before bed. We sometimes brush our teeth, do our hair and skin care, and get water and a snack during the video. This is really easy for us, and teaching a baby how to read really does not have to be a gruelling high stakes intense process, it flows naturally from how the baby's brain develops and they start getting better command of language. If you have even an inkling where you think this would be a good idea for your child, especially as a replacement for Dora or Yo Gabba Gabba, please teach baby how to read!

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