Monday, November 9, 2009

Educational Baby DVDs

I wanted to make a quick list and review of the educational baby dvds we have in our home library. Please note that all of our educational baby dvds are aimed at teaching our child a specific skill, namely perfect pitch, reading, and math.

Perfect Pitch DVD
Introducing Trebellina -- you can get this baby dvd from the Cristofori Baby Company website or from Amazon link on this blog. We do not know whether TJ has good pitch, it seems as though he does. In the next year or so of working with him I will be able to work out a way to test his pitch on the keyboard.

Baby Reading DVDs
Your Baby Can Read -- I recommend you purchase the entire set and commit to the program of 4-7 months. I'm afraid you will not get the great results we have gotten without all of the resources of the system available.

Leapfrog Letter Factory -- This is a very cheap educational baby DVD that is very entertaining and fun starting maybe around 12-15 months. This dvd teaches pretty explicit beginning phonics.

Baby Math DVDs
Tweedlewink -- I purchased this on a whim because I could not bring myself to commit to the baby math dot quantity sessions. I did not end up using this dvd and it was pretty expensive.

Brainy Baby 123 -- Get this educational baby dvd for math instead. It teaches counting explicitly as well as shows the baby quantities up to 20. It has good music, and we play a scene or so a few times a week.

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