Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Implementing Strategy

So, Dr. Titzer's blog gives many more practical insights into the use of the system. Yes, he probably wrote this somewhere in the Parent Guide, but I guess I am in need of a refresher.

"It is helpful to repeat a subset of the words more frequently than the other words. In the DVDs we repeat the words “clap,” “wave,” “mouth,” and “nose” more than we repeat other words. Please repeat these four words more than other words when your child has just started our program. Use our books, sliding word cards, and our other word cards. Also, show the child these words in other contexts on paper, whiteboards, signs, etc

Eventually your child will remember how the words look in addition to understanding what the words mean. The first word is probably the most difficult word to learn, so repeat a few words many times in the initial months."

So, as I've said in previous posts, I have tried a few flashcard games with TJ. They were mostly random words that I thought he liked, I would show him 2 or more cards and ask him to bring me the card that said a particular word. This apparently may not be the best way to do this. I am going to take the 4 words he's suggested here and review them several times a day with TJ. He knows each of these words, the meaning, and can point to the body parts, clap, and wave. I say several times, but I should probably set the number of times, so I will say once in the morning and once at night. Let's give this routine a week or two, and see if as Dr. Titzer says TJ begins to recognize these 4 words on sight. If he does, I promise my blog readers I will make a video!

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