Thursday, November 5, 2009

From Glenn Doman's Website

In order for a baby to read words, there are three requirements. The print must be large, clear, and repeated. The baby's immature visual pathways are not able to deal with small print. Indeed, it is the very process of showing the baby large words which physically grow and mature his brain's visual pathway.

I picked up this quote from Glenn Doman's website. I have come to accept this as pretty much the gospel truth. Please read and re-read this quote.

To break this down, there are 3 requirements. The print must be:


The Your Baby Can Read System provides videos and products which meets these requirements well. However, in making this transition to reading mainstream children books, I have found that very very few books meet these three requirements, and further the ones that do meet these requirements seem to have done so on accident.


  1. Wouldn't that be nice if they made some more children's books that had larger print, a few words per page and very simple picture that don't take over the page...

  2. Hi Waterdreamer,
    Wouldn't it be wonderful? And if they put all of these in the same section of the bookstore it would be even nicer! I added a short video about some of the books we have here.