Monday, June 22, 2009


I am doing a bit of research and planning on how to get your baby from reading single words on the TV screen or flashcards that come with the program, to reading books and grappling with new reading materials. Dr. Titzer seems to claim that after enough words are taught, babies deduce phonics. I can see how that is possible, but I'm not sure if I should just assume TJ will deduce phonics. There is a website called Starfall and it seems to be excellent for alphabet and phonics type activities. I will probably start incorporating this part of the way through the program when I am pretty sure he is picking up the new words quickly. Right now, I sing the alphabet song to him several times a day, and he tries to sing it back, but it mostly sounds like "babble babble babble GEEEEE!" It's very cute, I will have to get that on video too.

Funny thing, but I am sitting watching Run's House: Hawaiian Vacation on MTV right now, and the mother and grandmother are flashing "Your Baby Can Read" flashcards at the kitchen table with their little girl. I'm so out-done!!! Cutest thing I saw all day! My little Bubal fell asleep at 7:15 so he didn't get a chance to watch the video (or bathe, or finish his milk). I think he had a tummy ache today and that kept him from napping like he normally does.

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